Don’t forget about your ductwork. While largely concealed, this network of pipes is essential to the operation of the HVAC system. Air is pulled from throughout the house, heated or cooled, and then sent back through ducts to be distributed to the various rooms. If you’ve noticed higher energy bills, inconsistent temperature, an influx of airborne contaminants, unpleasant smells, or extended air conditioner or heater run times, you can probably blame the ducts.

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Poorly sealed registers and grills, dirty ducts, leaks at the seams, and improper design are just some of the potential issues. Give the professionals from Gordons Heating and Air LLC a call at (912) 330-1585 for a complete range of expert ductwork services, including repairs and proactive maintenance. We offer free estimates, complete comprehensive inspection, and testing to pinpoint issues and customize cost-effective recommendations.

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Flaws with the ductwork force the HVAC system to work overtime, accelerating wear and tear, and decreasing equipment lifespan. Contaminants built up within the pipes not only restrict airflow but can degrade air quality, irritate allergies and negatively impact your health. Focus on optimizing system efficiency and reliability. Improve your comfort and the hygiene of the living environment. Reduce the likelihood of HVAC malfunction while lessening carbon footprint by scheduling convenient and skilled duct repair or maintenance from Gordons Heating and Air LLC anywhere throughout Eden, Meldrim, Bloomingdale, Pooler, Rincon, Guyton, and Pembroke, GA. 

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