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Even though our region isn’t known for blistering cold weather, the temperature can change unexpectedly in the winter. And when the temperature drops, it’s nice to have your home’s heating system in working order. Since you might not rely on it year-round, your heater could have issues, especially if it’s not regularly maintained. There’s no worse feeling than being cold indoors, flipping your thermostat on, and realizing the heat isn’t working. Fortunately, Gordons Heating and Air LLC offers emergency heat pump and furnace repairs throughout Eden, Meldrim, Bloomingdale, Pooler, Rincon, Guyton, and Pembroke, GA. Not only can you reach us anytime day or night, but our technicians work quickly to diagnose and fix the problem right away.

Residential Repairs for Heating Emergencies

The type of heating system you use in your home makes a difference as to what issues you may face for emergency repairs. Regardless of the kind of heating unit you have, our team at Gordons Heating and Air LLC has the expertise to diagnose and repair the issue or replace the heating unit to get your home warm again.

Emergency Furnace Repairs

Many homes are outfitted with electric furnaces to generate heat, while others have gas or oil furnaces. Each of these systems has unique parts to it, but that also means the potential problems you could face are specific to your type of furnace. Our HVAC company is familiar with all types of furnace units. In an emergency, we can start by checking the most common issues with your type of furnace and working out from there. This way, we can get your home’s heat back on as fast as possible.

Common Repairs for Furnaces
If you have a furnace that’s not working, we’ll check the power supply to make sure the unit is getting electricity. Sometimes a blown fuse can knock a furnace out of commission, so we’ll look and replace any such fuses. For an electric furnace, our repairs can include replacing the dirty filter and cleaning the unit’s other components. A common issue with a gas furnace, meanwhile, is a pilot light that won’t stay on. We’ll clean and tighten up your unit’s pilot light, if need be, to make sure it’s dependable going forward. If you have a gas furnace, we’ll reset your unit and then thoroughly clean and repair any components that need attention. Also, by having us perform routine maintenance on your furnace during the year, you can likely avoid having to resort to emergency heating repairs in winter.

Emergency Heat Pump Repairs

We can also address any issues with your heat pump as part of our emergency heating repairs. Like they do with any other heating system, our technicians can service your home’s faulty heat pump quickly in an emergency. We can also perform year-round maintenance on your heat pump, which can eliminate the need for emergency repairs altogether.

Common Fixes for Heat Pumps
When you’re heat pump isn’t working, we’ll start by checking the power supply and making sure no circuits are flipped in the breaker. Furthermore, since heat pumps are exposed to the elements outdoors, debris of all kinds can stop the system from functioning. We’ll clean and reset your heat pump, however, to ensure it’s running efficiently. Ice buildup on your heat-pump coils can also make HVAC repairs necessary. Cleaning the unit’s coils can be dangerous if not done properly, however, so it’s important to wait for professionals to handle this type of repair.

Emergency Light Commercial HVAC Repair

Gordons Heating and Air LLC also services HVAC systems for commercial buildings. Winter can be a busy time for businesses in our region, but a faulty or non-working heating system can really limit your employees’ productivity or your customers’ experience. Like we do for our residential clients, Gordons Heating and Air LLC can quickly arrive at your location and perform emergency repairs on your commercial HVAC system. Whether you rely on a furnace, heat pump, or a combination of heating units, we’ll quickly diagnose the issue and get your building back to a comfortable indoor temperature.

How Maintenance Affects Emergency Heating Repairs

The difference between routine HVAC maintenance and emergency heating repairs is time. While you can schedule maintenance on your system in advance, emergency repairs are not only urgent but the need for them also arises unexpectedly. However, just as you can always reach Gordon’s to schedule your routine HVAC needs, you can also get ahold of us in an emergency. And just as our technicians are always punctual and considerate in normal appointments, you can count on us arriving promptly at your home or commercial location for emergency repairs, as well.

Meanwhile, the other qualities you love about Gordon’s, including our great prices, expert knowledge, and friendly service, will always apply when you deal with us, whether it’s for emergency repairs or scheduled maintenance. To learn more about the other heating and general HVAC services we offer, feel free to review our website or speak with us directly.

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