As fall begins to change into winter, homeowners may notice that their HVAC isn’t heating the home as well as it should be. Some homeowners might take this opportunity to schedule maintenance or repairs early, while others might wait until the colder temperatures have started to set in. When there’s an issue with the heat in your home or business, contact Gordon’s Heating & Air right away. Here are five reasons why it’s a bad idea to wait to fix the heat (even if you aren’t using it).

1. Mother Nature Might Change Her Mind

Mother Nature can be quite fickle. If your heat stops working on a warm day, it can be easy to procrastinate on repairs. But fall isn’t the right time to take chances, as a snow day could be just around the corner. If you turn on the heat and find none, call us for emergency heating repairs in Savannah, GA.

2. Procrastinating Rarely Saves Money

We’ve heard many reasons for not scheduling heating repairs. We understand procrastination happens but it rarely saves money in the short- or long-term. Whether the issue is large or small, one hiccup can cause the rest of the HVAC system to compensate for a lagging component. Eventually, other components wear out too soon because of the extra workload and the entire system breaks down.

3. The System’s Functional Life Is Shortened

You’ve heard all about the benefits of scheduling semi-annual HVAC maintenance. While maintenance goes a long way toward extending the functional lifespan of a system, so do timely heating and air conditioning repairs. An unheeded minor issue can indeed speed up the timeframe for a full system replacement — a replacement that quickly surpasses thousands of dollars.

4. A Cold Surprise In The Winter

Many homeowners turn off their heat once spring starts and don’t turn it on again until the following winter. Turning off the heat in the springtime doesn’t turn off the issues that developed over the past winter — only the skilled technicians with Gordon’s Heating & Air can do that. So why give yourself a cold surprise when the heat is needed again? Avoid the hassle and headache later and call us for fast and reliable HVAC repairs

5. One Word: Safety

We have one word of advice for scheduling timely heating repairs —safety. It’s doesn’t matter if the heating system is fully electric or uses gas-fuel, an unrepaired issue is a safety hazard. Loose electrical connections, faulty wires, and gas leaks pose any number of risks to you, your family, and home. No matter the season, it’s always a good idea to schedule HVAC service when an issue develops.

Promptly addressing any repair saves you money in the short- and long-term while reassuring the peace-of-mind the heat will work when the temperature dips again. When you need heating and AC repairs in Savannah, GA, call the team you trust with Gordon’s Heating & Air!