Ahh, springtime. The landscape is bright, flourishing and the cool air is refreshing. If you’re already thinking of switching from heating to cooling, did you know that spring maintenance can save you from a future AC repair.

Gordon’s Heating & Air shares four reasons why spring maintenance is more important for the function of your HVAC system than you may think.

1. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Spring showers bring May flowers — and those flowers bring pollen and other allergens that can leave you sneezing more than usual. Plus, after a winter of recycling the indoor air, including dust and dander, the air may actually make you sick. Spring HVAC maintenance appointments include the replacement of clogged or worn air filters, cleans build-up from the air vents, fans, and motors, and repairs any ductwork leaks. This maintenance improves your indoor air quality while taking care of one part of the spring cleaning list!

2. Lower Utility Bills

A telltale sign to call Gordon’s Heating & Air to schedule spring maintenance is a spike and/or gradual increase in monthly heating and cooling bills. When a HVAC unit is clean and well-maintained, it’s able to operate with a minimal amount of resistance. This means the unit uses less electricity to heat and cool your home or business which means a lower utility bill.

3. Find Small Issues Before They’re Big Problems

If the air conditioner hasn’t been examined since last summer, and an issue had or was developing, it’ll still be there when the unit is turned on this year. Every system experiences wear and tear with regular — or even sporadic — use which eventually leads to part repair and replacement. By having our technicians look over the system now, you’ll prevent unexpected, future repairs.

4. Extend The System’s Lifespan

Because an HVAC unit often costs thousands of dollars for the system itself and installation, many people want to make it last as long as possible. Yet, the functional lifespan of a system relies heavily on regular maintenance and timely A/C and furnace repair. Though all systems eventually need to be replaced, scheduling spring maintenance is the first step in extending the lifespan. Contact Gordon’s Heating & Air today to schedule routine HVAC service